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Elado International and Urban Clean Energy Ventures Officials to Lead a Momentous Executive Level Business Excursion to Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, and Senegal


CHICAGO July 22, 2013 – Executives from Elado International and Urban Clean Energy Ventures today announced they will lead a multi-sector executive level business excursion to four targeted countries in Africa – Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, and Senegal between February 1-20, 2014. The Corporate delegation will include Chief Executive Officers and Representatives from up to fifteen U.S. firms that offer a broad range of products and services from a variety of industry sectors, including agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, and traditional/renewable energy.


The “first of its kind” Executive Level Business Excursion will be open to medium and large US based firms with a particular focus on African-American owned companies. Unlike a traditional “trade mission”, the Executive Excursion will provide CEO’s  direct access to contracts, development projects, direct meetings with public and private decision makers, and the provision of a full suite of post visit turn-key services to expedite secured business transactions.


In business, timing is everything. As such, this exclusive opportunity comes off the heels of President Obama’s recent venture to Africa.  One exciting initiative that culminated from President Obama’s trip was Power Africa, that will include a $7 billion pledge from the U.S., financed primarily by $5 billion in funds from the Export-Import Bank and $1.5 billion by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. The program is also funded by $9 billion from private entities. The Executive Business Excursion will leverage this momentum and offer unprecedented access to enormous layers of opportunity, on an enormous and growing Continent.


"We are now in the embryonic phases of a perfect storm—Africa Rising. With a consistent positive uptick of good governance and careful resource management, several countries on the Continent are poised to grow at economic rates exceeding Asia, Europe and America. This is an unequivocal path to accelerated business prospects for US firms bold and strategic enough to cease forecasted opportunities.” said Urban Clean Energy Ventures Executive, Daren Daniels.  “While many U.S. firms sit on the sidelines where Africa is concerned, this Executive Level Business Excursion, will provide insightful and forward thinking firms with first mover advantages and transformative and exclusive market shares.”, Daniels said.


Six of the world's ten fastest growing economies (according to data from the International Monetary Fund for 2001-2010) are in sub-Saharan Africa, and a middle class of nearly 350 million individuals, rivaling that of China and India, has emerged across the continent.  Moreover, according to the McKinsey Global Institute, by 2020 Africa’s consumers—in areas such as financial services, tourism, telecommunications and retail— are projected to contribute more than five times as much revenue to the region's economic growth as the natural resource sector.




Urban Clean Energy Executives pose with Local and State Government Officials --- 11KW Solar PV Installation at the Bishop's Creek Dormitory

For Immediate Release

Urban Clean Energy Ventures Executives gear up for Trade Mission to South Africa

MILWAUKEE, March 4, 2013 --- Newswire ---  Executives from Urban Clean Energy Ventures are travelling to strategically targeted locations in South Africa from March 6-15 2013 for an international trade mission. The trade mission, administered by the Council of Great Lakes Governors (CGLG), is leading the multi-sector excursion to South Africa. The trade mission will assist Urban Clean Energy Ventures and it's international African-based sister company, Continental Megawatt Power Corporation, to expand its service provision and ability to access clients in the African market. Urban Clean Energy was gratefully provided with trade mission assistance from a grant awarded by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation 


The visit will provide Urban Clean Energy executives an opportunity to meet one-on-one with interested distributors, agents and other prospective business partners. The meetings are set up by the CGLG South Africa Trade Office. Urban Clean Energy Ventures will also be provided with market overviews including industry sector information, targeted company profiles and in-country business briefings. Urban Clean Energy executives will be travelling to Johannesburg, Durban, and Capetown to participate in a bevy of discussions and business interactions with local and national businesses, municipalities, and financial institutions with a core focus on energy, infrastructure, and export/import trade opportunities.

Urban Clean Energy Ventures has been actively engaged with multiple private and public sector businesses and stakeholders from Wisconsin to promote and secure international trade and development opportunities in Africa. Most recently, targeted and strategic activities have commenced to attract, broker, and administer sundry project and trade opportunities for and between Wisconsin-based firms and African development trade blocs like the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) AND East African Countries (EAC).

Urban Clean Energy Ventures (UCEV) is a Wisconsin-based energy and infrastructure services company focused on the development of  traditional and clean energy technologies and infrastructure solutions. Through an established network of partnerships, UCEV works with clients to identify and execute strategic projects in Continental America and Continental Africa that create wealth through investments; jobs through growth; and delivery through concentrated project management. UCEV  achieves comprehensive, solution-based results via its export management, project finance, consultant, research & development, and supply chain divisions.











For Immediate Release


Urban Clean Energy Ventures Hosts State of Wisconsin Office Of Energy Indepedence and a core group of Energy

Executives and Government Officials


MILWAUKEE, May 14, 2013 --- Newswire --- Executives from Urban Clean Energy Ventures recently hosted top officials from the State of Wisconsin Office of Energy Independence, City and County Officials, and high level executives from a cross section of the clean energy industry in Wisconsin. The workshop was conducted on May 14, 2013 at the Bishop's Creek Dormitory in Milwaukee. The session was entitled "Energy Means Business". Attendees included County Executive Chris Abele, Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, County Supervisor Theo Lipscomb, State Senator Jason Fields, Growing Power CEO Will Allen, Christopher Kuhl, VP Engineering, ZBB Energy Corporation; Kathy Heady, Sector Development Manager, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation; Teig Whaley-Smith, Economic Development Director, Milwaukee County;

Megan Levy, Director Local Energy Programs, WI State Energy Office; Sherrie Gruder, Sustainable Design Specialist, Energy Program Coordinator, UWExtension; Michael Vickerman, Program & Policy Director, RENEW WI; Steve Ostrenga- Chief Executive Officer, Helios Solar Works; Jacqueline Ward, Executive Director, Fondy North Economic Development
Corporation; Murray Sim, Executive Vice President and Greg Fritsch, President Clean Energy North America; and Eric Shambarger, Deputy Director of Environmental Sustainability


The informative workshop included very lively presenations and panel discussions from the presenters which covered a range of topics such as: Energy and the Urban Business; Energy Means Business- Real Stories from the Frontlines; Lessons of Wisconsin's largest Biogas Farm; and the City of Milwaukee's ME2 program overview/ Milwaukee Shines Program. The workshop concluded with exciting tours of the Bishop's Creek Dormitory and 11KW Solar Installation and of the internationally renowned Urban Farm--Growing Power.


Urban Clean Energy Ventures was elated to have hosted such a successful event!








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