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We deploy a full suite of turn key solutions to solve your most pressing concerns!
Though our Core Service is Clean Energy, we realize to efficiently and effectively deploy comprehensive solutions, we must have the capacity and ability to traverse multiple sectors and disciplines. As such, our firm utilizes a one-stop shop approch to meet you where you need us most.
Core Services
  • Implementation of Innovative Sustainable Technologies (Solar/Wind/Themal/Biogas/Waste to Energy)

  • Installaton of an array of Energy Conservation Measures

  • Project Engineering

  • Energy Audits

  • Measurement and Verification

  • Clean Techology Sales and Distribution (Import and Export)

  • Identification of Financial Incentives

  • Operations and Maintence Services

  • Real Estate Development

Integrated Solution Services


  • Research and Development

  • Strategic Planning and Consulting

  • Export Management

  • International Trade and Investment

  • Traditional Energy

  • Project and Micro Financing

  • Logistics Support


We have seven corporate divisions all working together to meet your needs:


  • Project Management & Counsulting Division

  • Real Estate Division

  • Research and Development Division

  • Project Finance Division

  • Supply Chain Division

  • Export Management Division

  • International Division (Contiental Megawatt Power Company--Registered in Nigeria as Modern Energy Ltd.)





We offer comprehensive energy asset development and support;project management; engineering; 

design; planning; construction consultation and management,;economic analysis;strategic planning; feasibility & economic analysis/studies; procurement & construction; project financing identification; project commissioning;project development; long-term service agreements; operations & maintenance; green tag services (Renewable Energy Credits, Carbon Dioxide Credits/Offsets, Emission Reduction Credits), brokerage services; research and business development; merger and acquisition due diligence; investment analysis; operations management consultation; risk management, succession/exit planning, and green infrastructure project management.





Our principals have many years of experience working as senior real estate development executives dealing with the acquisition, entitlement, management, development and disposition of a variety of real estate assets. In addition to our more project specific; community visioningreal estate financial analysisreal estate project management, and land use consulting, we also provide our clients with a broad menu of options regarding many different aspects of real estate ownership. Specific services include: Feasibility Analysis, Property Acquisition (Letters of Intent and Purchase and Sale Contract Negotiation), Due Diligence, Lease Preparation and Negotiation, Asset Management, Property Financing

Negotiation of Development and Disposition Agreements, Property Evaluation and Valuation, Preparation of Sale Packages and Buyer/Seller Negotiations.








From basic research to advanced systems development, deployment, and support, our

Research and Development Division represents a wide array of talented engineers, technicians, and research staff.  This division manages complex projects for government and commercial clients, advancing state of the art research in diverse areas such as renewable energy studies, robotics, communications, advanced renewable technologies, 

efficiency integration, and energy management applications and software. The division's expert development and systems integration capabilities ensure maximum impact when technology 

solutions are implemented.


We structure innovative funding and financing options to help our clients close on often complex project deals and contracts. We customize each client specific project to ensure a workable and bankable deal. We utilize innovative financing and funding solutions that include: New Market Tax Credits; Production Tax Credits; Debt Financing; State Tax Incentives; State Grants; Federal Grants; Utility Rebates; Feed-In Tariffs; Accelerated Depreciation; Leases; Municipal Leases; and Power Purchase Agreements.


Similarly, within our international project portfolio we leverage comparable savings for our global clientele. To accomplish this, we identify and customize our international projects within the framework of a particular country's laws and incentive structure, such as Feed In Tariffs and Government mandates. As we expand our international portfolio, we forecast forging key partnerships within our identified global target market (West & Continental Africa) to assist  with the provision of our services.    


With grid-parity, cost reductions and new customer markets as key drivers to globalizing 
supply-chains, companies in the traditional and renewable energy field need a global partner 

that can let them get on with what they’re best at – creating a more sustainable future for all of us! 


Our Supply Chain Division is staffed with tenured professionals who implement a bevy of technocratic, solution based strategies for our clients in the renewable/traditional energy and all other sectors. 

The Supply Chain Division also oversees and manages our own portfolio of products and 
services across the entire supply chain.From road and air freight of high value solar, renewable, 

and energy efficiency technologies, raw materials and components, to the shipping of solar modules 

and renewable technologies by ocean freight, we can tailor the most secure and cost-efficient service 

to your needs. Once at the port, we can set up warehousing, deliver to final consignee and support in large-scale projects and farms in any of the solar, energy efficiency and renewable energy markets around the world. All this is handled by our skilled logistics personnel, meaning you can concentrate 
on adding value for your customers.

Our export management division assists both U.S. Based Exporters/Buyers and Global Exporters/ Buyers.


Our scope of service includes an array of industries such as: renewable energy, oil & gas, construction, metals/resources, medical devices/ supplies, manufacturing, and retail.


We provide a full range of services to assist our U.S. and Global clients with increasing their export sales and overall bottom line. We assist International Buyers  with sourcing all their needs for American goods. Our team will handle the sourcing, negotiating, documentation, compliance, shipping & financing if/as necessary. 


Our team is well traveled and understands sundry the nuances of global business. Our export management division can provide quality U.S. products & services at very competitive prices. All of our clients are held in the strictest confidence, with our firm acting in the highest of integrity. We offer full service export management services, as such, our clients have a single point of contact which ensures our clients the necessary freedom to avoid coordinating the various vendors involved in an export transaction. 






Continental Megawatt Power Company is the international division and affiliate of Urban Clean Energy Ventures.


Continental Megawatt Power Company is an Energy and Infrastructure Services Company focused 

on the development and construction of traditional and clean energy technologies and solutions....... Learn More


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